Probabilistically Analysable Real-Time Systems


D1.2 Platform Design Guidelines for Single Core
This document provides design guidelines for the following: complex memory hierarchies for single core processors (BSC), compiler support for stack memory (BSC) and RTOS and runtime libraries (UPA) for single core processors.
D2.2 SW Design / Programming Guidelines for Single Core
This document provides a preliminary definition and analysis of: programming paradigms, patterns and styles (UPA), specification of functionality to be provided at the kernel and middleware levels (UPA) and a review of probabilistic analysis techniques applied to software (INRIA).
D2.3 Certification Arguments Guidelines (Initial Draft)
This document provides an initial set of certification guidelines.
D3.4 Probablistic and Statistical Technics for Timing Analysis in Single Core
This document provides a set of probabilistic timing analysis methods as well and evaluation of these methods for single core processors.
D3.5 Integrated Single Core Toolchain Prototype
This deliverable consists of an integrated prototype for single core processors, composed of the following: simulator, compiler, RTOS, runtime libraries and a probabilistic WCET analysis tool (RapiTime).
D5.1 Project Portal
The Project Portal is a wiki-based collaborative tool that provides a consistent mechanism for sharing project technical and administrative status and documentation with all project participants. The deliverable is accompanied by a document that will describe the collaborative tool as well as how it is used and updated.
This deliverable is available to Programme Participants only. Please contact the Project Coordinator for more information.
D5.2 Project Management Handbook
The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the management and administrative procedures of the PROARTIS Project in order to ensure efficient project execution as well as high quality project results. The document will provide the Partners (referred to in the EC Grant Agreement as “Beneficiaries”) with a concise reference to the project management structure, tasks and responsibilities at all levels of project execution.
D5.3 Project Requirements and Success Criteria
This document describes the technical requirements to be accomplished by the PROARTIS Project as well as the criteria that will be used to measure the success of the project. This document includes the following Deliverables due at m6, as described in the Description of Work (DoW): Overall Technical Project Requirements and Success Criteria (D5.3), Technical Specification: Platform (D1.1), Technical Specification: Software Technology (D2.1), Technical Specification: Probabilistic Timing Method Selection (D3.1), Baseline Integrated Tool-chain: (D3.2), The scope and contents of these deliverables are so tightly interconnected to one another that we chose to merge them all into a single document, yet keeping each individual deliverable in a separate section for the sake of clarity and ease of reference. Our aim in doing so was to reduce redundancy and increase consistency. We ordered the presentation of the requirements that emanate from individual deliverables as follows: first the general requirements and success criteria (D5.3), then the per-workpackage requirements (D1.1, D2.1, D3.1) and finally the requirements on the tool chain (D3.2). Requirements are assigned a unique identification number in this document for future reference along the lifespan of the project. This identification is in the form: Rn.m where n denotes the originating deliverable and m the ordinal within the deliverable. The identification of the technical requirements of the project is one of the main results of the first 6 months of work. For a complete survey of all the activities carried out during the first six months of project work we refer the reader to deliverable D5.4 (6-Month Project Activity Report).
D5.4 6-Month Project Activity Report
This report describes project progress against the plan of record for the first 6 months of the project. It is based on the Guidelines provided by the European Commission for FP7 STREPs. The report will not, however, include any Financial Statement (Form C) or Certificate on the Financial Statement (CFS).
D5.6 Period 2 Project Report
This report is based on the Guidelines provided by the European Commission for FP7 STREPs.
D6.1 Dissemination Strategy Document
The purpose of the Dissemination Strategy Document is to clearly define the dissemination objectives for the PROARTIS Project as well as to determine the dissemination channels and activities required to achieve these objectives. This document identifies key decision makers from industry as well as from academic institutions who will most benefit from the dissemination of the PROARTIS Project. It then defines the appropriate communication channels by describing all dissemination materials as well as determining the level of web presence for the project. Finally, it details targeted events and conferences for scientific presentations.
D6.2 Initial Press Release
This report summarizes the PROARTIS Team’s efforts towards an initial press release. The actual impact will be monitored and reported in the D6.4, D6.5 and D6.6 Dissemination and Use periodic reports.
D6.3 Project Public Website
Web presence is the central element in the dissemination activities of the PROARTIS Project. This document describes the structure, the content and the update process for the PROARTIS Project Public Website. The actual deliverable is available at:
D6.5 Period 2 Dissemination and Use Report
This document summarizes for the period the dissemination and exploitation activities of each Partner (including establishing partner web presence, distribution of press releases, participation in events and conferences, etc.