Probabilistically Analysable Real-Time Systems

PROARTIS: The 2nd review meeting

Wed, 2012-06-06

On June 6th 2012 the PROARTIS partners met in Brussels for the project’s second review meeting.

A series of presentations by consortium members provoked some excellent feedback from Ioannis Bitsios of the European Commission Directorate-General of Information Society and Media, Unit G.3 Embedded Systems and Control:

“Really good progress has been made since the last review”

“Reviewers' questions/concerns from the previous review have been addressed and integrated to the project”

“Good quality in presentations/demonstrations/management”

After such praise, we can all be confident that the PROARTIS project is heading in the right direction.

Now we can start the third and final phase of the project where we will apply technologies on multi-core, and produce demonstrations of the technology.